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Essay writing constitutes a very important activity that forms part of the academic life of students. Writing essays is an inevitable process since students are faced with the task at some point. Nevertheless, careful understanding about how to undertake the process can facilitate the ease with which essays can be written. There are basic guidelines that must be considered before starting an essay. Essays must be appealing and must seek to maintain a reader’s interest. Failure to do so can undermine the essence for which it was written and this can lead to poor evaluation.

Key guidelines for essay writing

Before starting the essay writing process, you must clearly outline the context in which you would base your essay. Usually, topics may be readily provided by a lecturer or tutor. However, in some cases, it is left up to you to decide about what exactly you are planning to write. The topic chosen must be interesting and well researched. Information on the same should be easily available so that you can elaborate a very good essay. Consideration must also be given to the format in which the essay has to be written. In this case, you need to adhere to the guidelines provided by your teacher or lecturer since these would vary from one institution to another. The number of paragraphs required, as well as the requisite length of the essay, should be considered before initiating your write up. This is important since it helps you to summarize your main points carefully, while sticking to the rules given.

Your essay must also be written with focus on your audience.
An essay is generally written with an introduction, a body and, of course, with a conclusion. The introduction of the essay should focus on highlighting your thesis statement, which is a combination of your main topic and your overall aim or objective. It is advisable that the topic in question be carefully researched, so as to provide a summary of the current situation. This may include statistical data and other factual information. Such a strategy aids in enhancing the credibility of your essay and urges the reader to go on. The body includes the main points that you plan to highlight in your essay. In this section, you should carefully elaborate on the main points while bearing in mind the focus of your essay. One of the ways to ensure that the body is properly structured is by organizing the main points to be discussed prior to initiating the write up.


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In the conclusion you should summarize the main points that have been stressed in the body of your essay. In this section, an overall assessment of the thesis statement is required since this would justify your position in the essay. A reader should be able to see how your topic and main points come together to create a logical line of thought. Without a good conclusion readers would be left hanging and the entire purpose of essay writing would be defeated.

Following the culmination of your essay, the same should be edited to ensure that grammatical errors are eliminated, as well as to guarantee proper sentence structuring. You should take the time off to read your essay, thus ensuring that all the necessary points are made and that the conclusions reflect the body and introduction. In the case of reference usage, the respective sources must be carefully cited to facilitate ease of access and to avoid any form of plagiarism. A good essay would spark interest and earn great credits but a poor essay undermines its purpose.