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Dissertation writing constitutes one of the most important investigative works that can be undertaken by anyone and it is the most significant part in the pursuit of a doctoral degree. Writing a dissertation is a very complex task and requires prior preparation in the field of study. Normally, candidates who wish to undertake this process would have been researching and studying in that field of work long before they decide to start the dissertation.

Unlike other research works, candidates would usually be expected to work alone for most of the doctoral study period and this can make the process even more challenging. The main aim of dissertation writing is to create new insights in a particular field of study and to advance the current knowledge of the given area of research. Following the culmination of a dissertation, the work can be published and/or used in books, as well as references for future studies, among other uses.

Key points about dissertation writing

Candidates wishing to produce a dissertation are usually expected to be affiliated to a dissertation committee and an advisor. They must be well versed in the area that they wish to study and must have a clearly defined dissertation topic. Before the entire process begins, approval must be granted by the committee responsible for presiding over the progress of the dissertation. The topic selection must be justified by demonstrating the need for undertaking the process and highlighting the validity and usefulness of doing the dissertation.

Once the dissertation topic has been fully approved, the process can be initiated. Different institutions would establish their protocol for monitoring the progress of the dissertation. There are three main phases through which any candidate would pass before culminating the entire process. Firstly, a Dissertation Idea Paper is needed. This paper would briefly explain the overall aim of the work to be undertaken. Following approval by the dissertation committee, a Dissertation Proposal, containing a detailed explanation of the proposed topic and the method by which the dissertation would be accomplished. The final stage of the dissertation writing would correspond to the Dissertation Report. This report would represent the final work and would be the product that the dissertation committee would evaluate.

The main model used for dissertation writing consists of five chapters. This model provides a common guide by which most dissertations are structured. It includes the introduction, review of literature, methodology, results and conclusions, implications, recommendations and summary. In addition to the above mentioned, references used throughout the work would be properly cited. The introduction would give an overview of the aims and objectives of the dissertation. The review of literature provides a summary of the current state of the information and knowledge about the topic. In this section, many examples of similar studies by other authors may be cited. The methodology section gives a detailed explanation of the manner in which the process is carried out. The results and conclusions would highlight the findings while the recommendations and implications would stress the overall importance of the dissertation, while acknowledging room for improvement and deeper research. The summary would provide any reader with a quick insight as to the nature of the dissertation.


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Full mastery of the area of study in question is vital but not enough to complete a good dissertation. Skillful writing is essential for approval and acceptance of this work. Candidates must correct all grammatical errors and ensure proper syntax. Professional assistance can also be sought to guarantee proper proof reading and editing of the final product. Although dissertation writing is challenging, proper guidance, sacrifice and determination can make a big difference.